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Related post: Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 09:32:17 -0700 From: jim boyston Subject: Ray's Cream Pie PartyThe bathroom in Jim's gas station has a glory hole between the two stalls. Jim has hidden a tiny camera in the ceiling. You can watch the action from Jim's office. Yeah, Jim has a dirty mind and too much time on his hands.Mikie boy and I pulled into the station and walked into the store. Jim's boy land ls nymphets nude Steven was working the till. We said "Hi." Steven pretty nymphet nude pointed the nymphets and artistic nudes back and said that Jim was in his office.We walked to the back and I knocked on the office door. Jim said "Come in!" so I opened the door."Hey. elitenymphets There daddy girls nymphets they are." Jim said. He stood up and shook my hand and ruffled Mikie's hair. Jim told us that he gave the mechanics the afternoon off and that only Steven would be nnaked nymphet sites around to work the tills. 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I turned to Jim and said nymphets fre galleries "I'm going to head back home. Could I leave sweet nymphetts him here for another hour?""Will do. I'll drive him to the party." Jim said."Clean pretteen nymphet him up too, will ya?""Lazy."With that I headed home to get ready for the nymphets bikini cream pie party.
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